Top 5 vibrators for G-spot stimulation

For years the G-spot has been believed to be a myth and its existence is still hotly debated. It is an erogenous zone located around 5-8cm up the front wall of the vagina and some people with vaginas find that G-spot stimulation is what suits them best.

G-spot-specific vibrators have become more and more prevalent over the years. They can come in a few different designs. Some are shaped like classic vaginal vibrators with a curved tip for easier G-spot stimulation, others are ribbed allowing for the raised ridges to pass over the G-spot offering stimulation. Whatever their shape, size, or texture, they’ve all been designed to help you have a more intense orgasm.

Here we have shared the five vibrators that we think are the best for G-spot stimulation, as they are the ones our customers purchase again and again. No matter your budget or your experience level, there’s something for everyone.


The Classic G-Spot Vibrator from the Get Real by TOYJOY collection is a quality vibrator with amazing skills and thrills to provide unlimited intimate pleasure. The design has an ergonomically curved shaft that will effortlessly hit the G-spot with sensational precision.

This pleasure provider has a lifelike silhouette featuring realistic detailing, such as pulsing veins and a pronounced tip. Its powerful multi speed vibrations are easy to control with a twist-cap base and its smooth silicone exterior feels silky on the skin.

This is a fabulous option for those who are yet to experiment with stimulating the G-spot as it’s easy to use and the price tag is also a great starting point.

BUY NOW – £21.99


Perfect for pegging or vaginal sex, this strap-on set has everything you need for a comfortable and passionate penetration! Equipped with a sexy, adjustable harness and a silky, non threatening dildo, you and your partner will be able to delve into new pleasure territory.

The harness accommodates many sizes, wrapping seductively around the butt and thighs. A small pocket sits within the inner panel for adding a vibrating bullet if you choose. The dildo is curved for prostate or G-spot stimulation, with a tapered shaft that gradually increases in diameter. This, coupled with the smooth material, will allow for an easy insertion at your own pace.

The dong can also be used on its own, with a suction cup base that is perfect for mounting to hard surfaces. 

BUY NOW – £48.99


Ecstasy meets innovation with this state-of-the-art G-spot and clitoral vibrator. The remote-controlled design means it can be an exciting couples toy or a convenient toy for solo play. 

The feature that sets this vibe apart is the set of beads beneath the surface of the exterior portion, which rotate to mimic the sensation of a tongue swirling around the clitoris during oral sex. 

Meanwhile, the small, curved shaft applied pressure to your G-spot as it vibrates with 10 thrilling functions, including three speeds and seven patterns. The remote control easily cycles through them while the vibe is tucked discreetly within a pair of underwear. 

BUY NOW – £89.99


With this compact pleasure-bringer made of supple silicone, Satisfyer Vibes pulls a particularly sweet surprise out of its hat. Magic Bunny does the hard work of massaging you with unimaginable climaxes with simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It may look small and innocent, but behind its ears hides the concentrated Rabbit Power, which lets you feel all its magic with two impressively powerful motors and 12 vibration programs.

On the practical retaining ring with integrated control panel, you can find your favourite vibe intuitively at the push of a button and at the same time have a firm grip on the naughty bunny, even when things get especially wet and wild. The 12 particularly powerful vibration programs are made up of six intensities and six heavenly rhythms. 

The vibes are perfectly distributed through the two motors over the entire shaft and the clitoris stimulator, so they stimulate you intensively everywhere. Thanks to its waterproof finish, the Magic Bunny also invites you to enjoy sensual pleasure in the shower or in the bath.

BUY NOW – £49.99


B Swish makes finding the g-spot easy with this waterproof 17.8cm massager. With notably slim styling and an angled head, the Bgee Classic is the perfect tool for any person exploring the world of g-spot pleasure – as well as anyone wanting a versatile toy with a sleek, manageable design. It’s ideal for self-stimulation, oral sex or couples foreplay. 

The dramatically angled head is perfectly designed to tilt upwards to easily reach sensitive are as – such as the clitoris, nipples, head of the penis and really anywhere you would like to stimulate. The five functions are cycled through the click of a button at the base of the massager, which is lit up by a white light for easy play in the dark.

The Bgee Classic is waterproof, so it can be taken in the shower or tub, just be sure the battery cap is tightly closed before getting it wet.

BUY NOW – £26.99