The surprising health benefits of an orgasm

We all know that orgasms make you feel good but not everyone is aware of the multitude of other benefits they have. It may surprise you to hear that orgasms can be beneficial for your body, your skin and your mind as well.

Read on to find out all of the details and then go test the benefits of an orgasm for yourself.

Boosts your immune system

Past research has shown that one impressive benefit of orgasms is that it boosts your immune system. A study of college students showed that those who had sex once or twice a week had antibody levels 30 percent higher than those who didn’t have sex. 

Increases your pain threshold

Dr Beverly Whipple, a sex educator and researcher, told Shape that another benefit of an orgasm is that it produces a pain-blocking effect, so you won’t be as sensitive to pain. Of course as with anything, there is one exception: “Women who eat a diet high in spicy foods don’t always get the pain-blocking benefit because the capsaicin found in chilli peppers prevents it from occurring,” Dr Whipple said. 

You’ll Feel Happier

According to a study in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, people who have sex often are happier than those who don’t, even if they don’t orgasm. To conduct this study the researchers examined the mood, sexuality, and menstrual cycle of 4,000 women in the U.S. They found strong links between sexual interest and an overall sense of well-being and those with higher senses of well-being had an overall higher quality of life. 

You May Live Longer

A 10 year study that was conducted in South Wales studied the relationship between the frequency of orgasms and the mortality rate amongst middle-aged men. These men were asked about their physical health in addition to the frequency of orgasms. They then followed up with these men 10 years later, where they found that those who had two or more orgasms a week had a 50 percent lower mortality risk than those who had orgasms less often. Since this study was initially conducted other studies have shown a positive association between sexual intercourse and women’s longevity as well.

Improves your skin

A 2009 study at the University of Michigan found out that having an orgasm raises the levels of oestrogen in your body. This is great news because it is believed that oestrogen aids in the prevention of ageing skin.

As well as this, oestrogen prevents the decrease of collagen, an important protein for maintaining the appearance of youthful skin, and helps with skin thickness, keeping skin resistant to wrinkles. Last but not least, oestrogen can help to lock in the skin’s moisture, keeping skin plump.