These are the best vibrators available for under £30

Coming across an incredible vibrator that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is easier than you may think.

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, from small and discreet options, to large wands which double as massagers. 

You won’t find cutting-edge technology or mobile apps among these budget-friendly toys, but they promise to bring the same level of satisfaction without breaking the bank.

While vibrators and other sex toys can usually come at a price, that doesn’t mean there aren’t impressive options out there at a more affordable rate. Here are some of our faves for under £30.


Indulge your wildest sensations when masturbating with the powerful Purple Shining Vibrators, a stunning 8-inch penis shaped vibe with an ultra-smooth head and heavily veined shaft that will send you bucking and thrusting towards an explosive climax. 

The fabulous Purple Shining Vibrators has been manufactured in deep purple shiny jelly material with multi-speed vibration action variable via its classic twist-action base control. 

The wonderful orgasmic stimulation can also be used for anal stimulation as well as all over body massage, making it a great pleaser for all genders.


The Power Stud vibrator is made up of traditional designs with a contemporary flair. It has been designed to replicate the shape and details of a penis for extra pleasure.

It has three speeds to choose from so that you can have complete control over the sensations you experience.

It is soft, flexible and waterproof, which means it can be a great companion in the bath for those days you really want to treat yourself.


Abia’s collection of mini vibrators and plugs all come with a sturdy ring that is convenient to direct the toy to the desired position. 

These products are operated by a convenient handheld battery controller with USB connection. 

The controller provides 10 different rhythms. If you plug the USB cable into a port on a computer or mobile charger an everlasting single speed vibration is available.


The Neon Vibe is one of our most powerful, sleek and smooth traditional vibrators. It comes with a multi speed function so you can tease your pleasure zones into submission before you tip yourself over the edge.

Its tapered tip allows you to pinpoint your pleasure for even more explosive orgasms. Thanks to the affordable price tag, this is a great option for those who are buying a vibrator for the first time as. Once you know what you like it’s easier to look for toys you know you’ll enjoy.


Yes this is a little bit cheeky as it is 99p over £30 but it’s too good not to include!

Rabbit vibrators don’t always have to be large and unattractive and this extravagant purple lover proves it! This thrilling vibrator is elegantly curved and stimulates your vagina and clitoris at the same time. This is why it has two built-in motors, one at the tip of the shaft and one in the clit tickler. 

Insert the slightly curved vibrator inside you and feel the leaf-shaped clit tickler gently snuggle up and give you spot-on vibrating stimulation. 

And the best bit about it, the two motors can be controlled separately at the push of a button. Choose one of the 10 different vibration modes for vaginal pleasure, while letting your clit be stimulated by one of the seven settings.